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Grass grid

Black grass grid Application of grass grids for improvement of green parking areas
  • Article - 8100-CH
  • Color - black
  • Length, width, height (mm) - 600x400x51
  • Color - black
  • Application - parking areas, walking areas, city green zones, banks
  • Price: 132 Rub
Application of grass grid

Grass grids strengthen grass cover against mechanical loads are used at parking, pedestrian areas, access roads and for strengthening ground embankments and wharves.

Application of plastic grass grid

Grass grid is widely used to strengthen gangway to the house or garden, fire-prevention and access roads, embankments, city green zones, territories around sport buildings, camping, temporary parking and other areas with grass cover (used for example for festivals or fairs).

Grass grids have a number of advantages:

  • they are simple and quick for installation (on average 40 m/h);
  • they are easy for transportation;
  • load up for the destruction of 43 Tc;
  • resistance against weather impact;
  • resistance against ultraviolet;

Plastic grass grid is a set of modules 400x600 mm, that are mounted at the site with locks on the edges and create cover, which strengthens the turf, distributes the load, provides drainage of the soil and allows the application of lawnmowers, that allows to keep the lawn in trimmed and fresh condition.

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Name Article, # Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight, kg Pallet rules
Black grass grid (module) 8100-CH 600 400 51 1,5 -
Scheme of lawn arrangement
Recommendations on installation of grass grid